Cutest couple in the whole Marvel universe. Well, except for Scarlet Witch and Vision, of course. 

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I am just saying, I do not want to face Barcelona right now. We are already playing them this weekend and in the Copa del Rey final in mid-April. I don’t think my heart could take the multiple el clasicos in a only a few weeks. It happened a few seasons ago, and I got so emotional that my roommates worried about me.

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I am trying to stay up for the Champions League draw. This is going to be a pretty awesome quarter finals.


Anthony Perkins in his rented flat in Paris, 1962.

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Vikings Modern AU → Aslaug 

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(mis)quotes of rustin cohle

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ph. by paul jung

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"Your notion about the bastard may have merit, Bran," Maester Luwin said after. "One day you will be a good lord for Winterfell, I think."
"No I won’t." Bran knew he would never be a lord, no more than he could be a knight. "Robb’s to marry some Frey girl, you told me so yourself, and the Walders say the same. He’ll have sons, and they’ll be the lords of Winterfell after him, not me."
"It may be so, Bran," Ser Rodrik said, "but I was wed three times and my wives gave me daughters. Now only Beth remains to me. My brother Martyn fathered four strong sons, yet only Jory lived to be a man. When he was slain, Martyn’s line died with him. When we speak of the morrow nothing is ever certain."

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‘Cause there’s a feeling – you might notice it sometimes – this feeling like life has slipped through your fingers. Like the future’s behind you – like it’s always been behind you.

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